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Drawings in biro (Bic) pen to show detailing (use mouse and mouse wheel to zoom)
Biro pen drawing of a wrinkled Peruvian lady peasant from the Andes Biro pen Drawing Portrait of Ben Zaven Crane DJ Biro pen Drawing of Phil by Chuck Close Biro pen Drawing of Orangutan and Baby Biro Pen Drawing Cupid kindling the torch of Hymen Sketch of Elephant Drawing of Tree Drawing of Male Torso, Ivan Mestrovic 1908 Biro pen Scops Owl drawing in biro pen African School Girl biro pen drawing Eagle drawing in biro Biro drawing of St Marys Hertingfordbury Biro drawing of St Marys Hertingfordbury Jan at Charleston biro pen

Detailed Fine Art Biro pen Drawings from life or photo

Angel of Death Metropolitan Museum NY Biro

Phil by Chuck Close Biro

Orangutan mother and baby Biro

Cupid kindling the torch of Hymen George Rennie biro

Elephant South Africa biro

Stuffed vulture Tring Museum biro

Male Torso Ivan Mestrovic 1908 biro

Antelope biro

Heron Head biro

Greek Philosopher British Museum Statue biro

Skull in biro

Foetus biro

Detailed Fine Art Bic Biro ballpoint pen drawings from life (direct observation) or high resolution photograph.

 Biro drawings jump out of the page and tend to be sharper and more defined than pencil drawings.